Manning Orchards Senior Portraits


Did you ever meet someone and think, “We would have been friends in high school if we had known each other and if we were born in a different generation?  I love love love Julie’s Grandma so of course when I met Julia and her Mom is was like we were long lost friends.   We had a few obstacles to overcome last night in the orchard.  I wondered where are the people were .  When I got there I saw no one and very few pink blossoms.  I text Chris who is the manager of the scheduling and he was like, ” Oh man, I forgot to text and reschedule you.”  There were a few pink blossoms and I liked the fact that there were no other people so we stayed and tried to make it work.  With the lower trees not being in bloom the sun had full reign of the orchard and so I had to use Julies Mom to block the sun with my diffuser.  It was a bit tricky but Julie didn’t seem to mind one bit and little by little she warmed up and was totally natural behind my camera even though I kept telling her, ” feels weird,  looks great”    Julie’s Grandma says she loves to dance, read and do Stage Crew at Davis High.  I can see why she is so happy as she comes from a Hilarious family who loves to joke around and have fun.  I can’t tell you how fun it was to meet Julie and her Mom and to see the light and life that comes with such a young soul.  If she has an ounce of her Grandma in her then it’s not hard to see why.   What a beautiful young woman inside and out!!


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