Bentley and the Sunflowers

I just happen to be at the  Canyon-Gallery and was talking with the adorable woman who met me at the door.  We became fast friends and she was so helpful in mounting a family photo from a precious session.     She told me that in her job she has the opportunity to see many family photos.  She was dismayed at how much money people were spending on poor Photography.  It was refreshing to meet someone who could tell the difference.

I told her I was a family photographer and I showed her an example of my recent work instead of handing her a card.   She said about the photo above, “You have turned her into a model”!   I said, no, I just captured her so that her true beauty could be seen.   The more I’ve thought about this the more excited I get.  I love helping people see just how beautiful they really are and in this case this sweet girl, Kirstyn is absolutely stunning!   Yes, she looks like a model in a magazine only better because she is authentic.   She has such a natural classic look yet a modern and chic vibe all at the same time!  A unique and rare beauty for sure!

She also told me how much she disliked the stiff and  frozen, everyone looks perfect, head swapped photos and luckily I felt the same way.  I showed her a few of my candid shots with families and she was so excited and so was I.  It really validated what I have been trying to do  and it also validated me as an artist because she noticed how I cropped my photos in an interesting composition.   

When I meet people and they say they have brought their dog, I get excited and scared all at the same time.  In this case,  I was so happy!  This little guy Bentley was the sweetest pup and everyone wanted a photo snuggling just with him so- why not?  He was so well behaved and sweet and I think pretty painless for him as I try to make the experience easy for the everyone!   Photography should show  emotion, as well as good composition but it should also be natural and fun!  Puppy’s make everything fun!

This sunshine girl named Madelyn was not shy behind the camera one bit.  I love when girls are confident and happy and just love being with family and in front of a camera.  It was as if she was reading my mind as I directed her to different movements.    I could hear her giggling which  made me all the more happy to capture her.  Some girls just love being photographed and I love shooting them as well as shy and timid girls.  I love them all,  as long as they are true to who they are inside.   Maddie was pure sunshine from the moment I met her.


Bentley doesn’t have any attention on him.   Poor little guy!!

Not every family has a member who is good at putting clothing together but Lauren was right on board with that.  How lucky a mom is when she has someone to help take over that part of the planning.  Along with my style guide she took my advice and brought together a great example of how to ” go together but not be all matchy ”    She was a natural behind the camera and was so supportive and kind to her sisters.  Not to mention, Gorgeous!!!   She was perfect for the roll of big sister as they other girls took her lead and followed.  Lauren was great at  Communicating what she liked and didn’t like which was very helpful to me.

Family photos should be candid, natural  but most of all memorable.  I hope people will not just look at the faces but remember how much fun they had being together in a beautiful place with the people they love. ( and dog)   Planning a family photo shoot can be very stressful for a Mom but in the end whatever you wear and wherever you end up going is second to the feeling of just being together for that sliver of time that you can never get back again!  Oh, and look at that sweet Bentley in Cameron’s arms!  I need a puppy!



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