Harris Family

When missionaries come home and leave home all in the same summer it does a number on the mom.  I’m not sure about the dad, but having gone through this myself and then also with a daughter, I can be sure that the emotions are high.  I love this photo and how Lisa is looking at the one who is leaving.  He looks thrilled as most teenagers do.  My 15.5 yr old son looks at me that way too.  Then the older more experienced brother is not looking at mom but at the brother and he’s thinking, ” You have no idea what your’re getting yourself into.”  I don’t know for sure if that was the case since I just asked them to look at each other but it’s fun to put ideas into candid shots!  At least for me!



I don’t think there is a sweeter family anywhere and I think its because of how much these two love each other.  I just adore how she is looking at him.  Some couples are uncomfortable doing this but this genuine sweet look they have shows the authenticity of their bond and what could be better for a family that this.  I hope if I’m ever photographed looking at my husband I could only look as natural and pleasant.

When their missionary  son leaves and a void is created these girls will fill that void.  It’s so nice when girls want to hang out and to be with their mom.  Another indicator of loving parents.

I know that when God takes away he also provides and even though it’s their choice to leave home and serve missions, the Lord always seems to know how to fill the loss with other people and experiences.

That is what I have learned. The family is every changing, growing and learning and it’s such a blessing to document a few moments of their life before their lives are all changed again! Good Luck to everyone involved and hugs and prayers for Mom, you got this!!


The soon to be Elder Harris.  God Speed and Safe Travels!!

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