Riley and Jim

I love when people have their own ideas about what they want to do and then we make it work.  Riley and Jim were the sweetest couple. We took photos in their apartment and not knowing ahead of time what the light was going to be like, I came prepared for whatever we needed.  Luckily they wanted dark and moody photos and so when you have less light that is a pretty good indication that the photos will be dark and moody.  Its a completely different style than what I usually shoot but I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun!  Their apt was simply decorated and perfect for this type of shoot.



They ordered pizza and had it there when I arrived and since one of my rules for success is “Feed a hungry man for a happy man” we had to take a short break so Jim could finish his Pizza and drink.  Sure enough that was the magic ticket, along with a gorgeous fiance, because Jim was a rock star in this photo shoot!  I love when guys are so chill and after I tell them they really can’t mess it up, they relax and hopefully, have fun!

I think their love story is so awesome!  I didn’t read the chalk board where the events were written on until I got home and while editing those photos, I had a chance to read it.  I think because I knew my husband about 7 years before we were married it brought back memories of us in high school,  then separated  in college and having a long distance relationship just like these two.  I just can’t think of anything more adorable, and charming!   I had the best time and there could not have been two people more sweet and inviting as Riley and Jim.  Sometimes, the best things are worth the wait!  Also, the spooky little cat that posed for a shot was too cute!!


  1. Naunie S Adams says:

    Love, Love, LOVE!

  2. Momma Britt says:

    These are Fantastic!!!!!!

  3. Karen Markey says:

    Cute cute couple 😍

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