Nelson Reunion

Nobody does reunion like the Nelson Family.  They are great examples of getting together!  I could not believe that one of the families of six was waiting for me at the destination!  I’m usually the first one there but they beat me to it.  I was so impressed I added extra photos of their family into the gallery.  I have to say that this many people at a photo shoot really is kind of difficult but how can I say no to such wonderful memories and fun adventures?   I wish that I could have looked at each grandchild and talked to them to know their story but we didn’t have time for that.  If you’d like to see what an extended family photo shoot looks like these might give you a glimpse into the hour but just remember they had 3 full days of togetherness, time in which I bet none of them forget!






  1. Becky Nelson says:

    I love these Lisa!! Thank you so much for all the effort that went into these. We are a big group and you did such a great job! You have a beautiful gift. 💗 Thanks from the Nelson clan!

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