Soderquist Family

What do you get when you have two little nephews, ( one holding a stick) a silly brother and

his wife, three barking dogs,  three adult children mixed in

with a gorgeous couple, then put them all together next to a raging river

that is roaring so load  you can’t hear anyone talk?…………..

That’s right, Outdoor Family Photo Session  at it’s  finest!


Families comes together when transitions occur.  Someone is leaving or coming or having a major life event. Sometimes, families want to preserve memories of pet that won’t always be there and  for people that won’t always be around close to home.  I loved how these two families came together to document a brother and a sister and their love for each other and for their family bonds.  Yes, it’s a lot of work and effort to make it all happen but it’s so worth in in the end.   Max is joining the Army so  hopefully when he returns there will be another reason to get together as family.





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