When Alex and Thomas asked me to photograph their wedding I was very nervous and  excited.  I had never been to Santa Barbara and I love seeing new places.  I knew it would be a stretching experience for me and my photography however, I was not prepared for their genuine sweetness and charm.  From the […]

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“Jim and I  met when I moved to his high school. We were very close friends for 6 years before we started dating. We were in a long distance realationship for two years while I was away going to  college,  He surprised me with a proposed on graduation day.”

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I love when people have their own ideas about what they want to do and then we make it work.  Riley and Jim were the sweetest couple. We took photos in their apartment and not knowing ahead of time what the light was going to be like, I came prepared for whatever we needed.  Luckily […]

Some might think March is not a good month for photos because there is no snow, trees, or flowers but I’d say it’s perfect to be out on the Island. https://utah.com/antelope-island-state-park  Not only did we have the Island pretty much to ourselves but the other bonus was NO BUGS!! The light was strong but slowly […]