Alex and Thomas

Santa Barbara engagements, Goleta Beach engagements

 Santa Barbara Engagements, BeachWhen Alex and Thomas asked me to photograph their wedding I was very nervous and  excited.  I had never been to Santa Barbara and I love seeing new places.  I knew it would be a stretching experience for me and my photography however, I was not prepared for their genuine sweetness and charm.  From the very beginning they treated me like gold and were always appreciative and kind.  I find it so wonderful when people value and respect my art and are encouraging and grateful for it.


The morning before the wedding, we did a session on the beach. It was a foggy, misty morning and as I drove to the first beach location I was excited to get working!  As I paid my fee and entered the parking lot to the beach, an old man in a golf cart drove up and  told me that  I could not park in the parking lot as they were closed for the holiday weekend.  I went to the next beach and same thing.  I started to get panicked thinking that we weren’t going to find a place to shoot before the sun was too high in the sky.  Alex had a secret location that wasn’t monitored and so I met them there.  They were a bit nervous as well.  But, I had such a calm feeling that all was well.  I knew that I could create magic out of any location as long as I focused on love and connection.

It is always a good idea to have a trial run with a couple before their wedding so that I can see how they work together and get all the kinks worked out before the wedding.  After a few simple suggestions and guidance on how to act behind the camera these two wowed me with their natural ability to connect which showed through in the photos.  When we were done shooting, I felt so much light, love and excitement.  I love being in the flow.  It gives me calmness and energy all at the same time.  I felt very fortunate to have spent a few hours with these two amazing men who have overcome so much to be standing with me here, a day before their wedding.  It truly was a magical morning that I won’t ever forget.


Santa Barbara engagements, Goleta Beach engagements

  1. Marienne says:

    These are beautiful photos!
    You are a special woman with a beautiful gift. I told David about these young men and told him I’d like to show him the photos and he was very interested. I hope they give him hope . And I hope he can find love and comfort in a companion some day. He’s very lonely. I love you, Lisa, you are a true friend to all!

  2. Heather Francis says:

    You truly know how to make magic and join the magic naturally created by others!!

  3. Karen says:

    Such beautiful photos! Wishing the happy couple forever happiness!

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