Magic Sands Delivers Big on the Big Island

Magic Sands Beach
Magic Sands Beach
These photos were taken in Kona, Hawaii at Magic Sands Beach.  It has changed so much since I was here a decade ago. Not in the way you might think. Usually I get really sad when things change and old things are destroyed to make way for the new but it was a bit different here. Things are still old, the same, more run down BUT most everything was closed. The restaurants and shops were vacant and there was an eerie sad feeling on the main street.
I thought the businesses were closed because they had lost money due to lack of tourists but then I find out it’s also because they are being paid by our government  (you and me) not to work. What?
There were plenty of tourists there to spend money but no one was working except for the shops owned by the people from other countries, mostly shops owned by Asians and Indians. The few American businesses that were open were understaffed and had long waits for a table and even a longer wait for the food.
Having taken a Catamaran cruise with Nautical Hawaii, we asked the Captain where we could get a good dinner.  He told us to go to Magic Sands Grill
We didn’t know we needed a reservation so when we showed up, they couldn’t seat us for the night and we even showed up early at like 4:30 pm.   We made a reservation for Monday night and went back to our resort.  But, before we headed home, we sat at magic sands beach and watched the surfers, boogie boarders and people just enjoying this magical beach.   We sat for about an hour because I cannot leave with out photos from the sunset.  My  hubby was so patient and sat on a rock while I basked in my happy place.  I’ve added a few photos of this time at Magic Sands as well.
It then turns out that the Manta Night Dive doesn’t do tours on the weekend so Monday was the only night we could do that tour and I was told not to miss it.  My hubby said that he didn’t need to do the tour and I went along with him at first to save money and because it sounded kind of scary.  Then I remembered that I made a choice long ago that  when I had a decision to make….. Just DO IT!
So I called our resort and they said the tour was booked and I asked them to give me a name of another tour that might have opening.
Must to my surprise, the phone number I called had room and not only that but they had only 4 other people booked so our boat was very uncrowded.  You can read about and see photos of our exciting and wonderful trip with the Manta at
So the only night I could remake our reservation for Magics was on Tuesday.  We were set to fly home on Tuesday night but I figured it would be a good way to pass the time until our late flight.  I was right, except for one catch, we had to return our rental car at a certain time and then we had no way to get to our reservation.  I called around to see if we could have our luggage stored while we ate.  No can do. We thought of all our options and decided that we would just return our car that came with our Hilton Package, and then rent another car by ourselves to get us to our reservation by 5:30.  It sounds kind of funny that someone would do that but I really had my heart set on our reservation after having seen the spot a few days before.  After a long day of touring the island from Waikaloa to Hilo, with a fun lunch stop in Hilo  check it out here. We dropped off our car, loaded our luggage into another car that looked just like it,  and headed back into Kona for our reservation.  I had hoped to get a table outside on the edge of the water and sure enough, when we arrived they were waiting.  They knew my name and had done as I had requested.  I was beyond excited to be there and to have a seat that wasn’t on a hard lava rock

Walking into the restaurant we saw small beach signs foreshadowing our experiences.  Our waiter, Jason was amazing.   After fun conversations with him we found out that he had the choice whether to sit at home or on the beach and he chose to work, to serve and to connect with his customers. I admire his attitude! We need more minds like his. He was awesome.  We first ordered the brussels sprouts appetizer.  They were the best we have ever tasted. They had some kind of yummy Thai chili paste on them and were so tender and moist. We had a hard time sharing the bowl.  I think we could have each had our own.  We talked and sipped water and I went and took more photos.  If Jason saw me stalling for time, he wasn’t mistaken.  I was drinking up every bit of sunshine, laughter, humidity and ambience that I could contain in my sensitive heart.  It was really hard to decide what to eat as I knew from the sprouts that the food was amazing.  I decided on the fish special and my hubby went with the Thai peanut wings.  They were both amazing and neither of us wanted to share our dish with the other. It was truly a feast for all senses.

My main dish



As the sun was setting, they lifted the screen that was shading our eyes to reveal the big huge amazing ocean before us.  I love the waves especially because the breathing of the world by it’s oceans calms me down and settles my overactive system.  I get just as excited as I get nervous and the sound of the ocean is like a hot towel over my senses. The sunset was as amazing as the food.  It was so fleeting, so magical, so inspired and I was able to sit and enjoy it in this magical place with no thought of doing anything else.  Then the dessert menu came.   

I had been waiting all week to find a place that had flourless chocolate lava cake.  I hadn’t found any yet.  There have only been a hand full of times that a place has satisfied by desire for this dessert.  Maui about 10 years ago was one of those times.  I told Jason of my dilemma and he said, ” OH, let me get you the cream brulee then,” haha  He didn’t want me to be disappointed.  I went with the Choco lava cake as by the taste of the other food I knew it could not fail.  It did not.  I was so engaged in it, that I didn’t even bother taking a photo of it and because we shared it, I didn’t want to not get my turn at my taste. I was using my fingers to scoop the bowl and wanted so desperately to ask for another.   If I had it to do over again, I would not share but order me two of them.  Success!!

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