We took a day trip from Waikaloa to Hilo and then back to Kona. The diversity in the landscape was unreal.  We started in arid volcanic dessert to a grassland, then pine trees and goats, then rain, clouds and fog and on our way into Hilo a rainforest setting all within one hour.  We […]

These photos were taken in Kona, Hawaii at Magic Sands Beach.  It has changed so much since I was here a decade ago. Not in the way you might think. Usually I get really sad when things change and old things are destroyed to make way for the new but it was a bit different […]

Magic Sands Beach

When Alex and Thomas asked me to photograph their wedding I was very nervous and  excited.  I had never been to Santa Barbara and I love seeing new places.  I knew it would be a stretching experience for me and my photography however, I was not prepared for their genuine sweetness and charm.  From the […]

Santa Barbara engagements, Goleta Beach engagements

When I was younger all I did was ride my bike in the sun. I felt great! As I have grown older and I ride less, I have forgtten how much I like it and how good it makes me feel. Just riding around a beach city for 3 days with nothing but a bike […]

    Fear sometimes stops us from doing the thing we would love the most. I have always wanted to go to the Cancun area but was always skeptical from news reports and things I had heard. This year I finally did it. I finally went to see for myself why so many people  travel […]

I must be the last person to discover Moab and xtreme4x4.  I can’t believe I’ve lived here this close this long and never had the chance to go see Canyonlands, Moab  Slick Rock, and Arches  just to name a few.   We drove through once and had lunch but I had no idea the beauty that surrounded […]