Fear sometimes stops us from doing the thing we would love the most.

I have always wanted to go to the Cancun area but was always skeptical from news reports and things I had heard.

This year I finally did it.

I finally went to see for myself why so many people  travel here each year.    

Had I known how beautiful the water was and how good the food was and how nice the people are,

I would have come sooner.

I learn a lot about  myself when I get to meet and talk with people of other cultures.

It opens the mind to prejudice, fear, scarcity and so many other things that unless you see and hear for yourself you would never believe.

These photos are from our excurtion to the  which is just across the water from Cancun

 I would never have believed the water was such a beautiful color!

The lunch that was provided exceeded our expectations.



Boats always end up in the gallery

 With a smile and a nod you can communicate with almost anyone.


Some people live in such cute houses.



Ill always be looking for my next adventure!

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