Brighton’s Baptism


One thing I’ve learned from taking photos is how to adjust!  Adjusting was never my strongest suit.

I have more time and experience in practicing this art and so now I see it more as a challenge!

We had thought about the Bountiful Utah Temple being closed for cleaning but this year it was closed for more than that!

We saw tractors, dump trucks, flags warning signs and dirt plus all the gates were locked but one and we didn’t dare sneak in for fear of being locked inside the gates!!

Not exactly the backgrounds you want for a pretty little angel!

So, one thing I do know is light and so I looked for the light and thought if we can’t have the temple we still have THE LIGHT!


The sign on  the corner was perfect for the white background I was looking for and the side lights were lovely!


The small smattering of flowers around the Temple sign were perfect to accent her sweet braclet and white baptism dress!

This detail shot was easy as I already had great light, and the best of subjects!

On the sidewalk outside the temple walls we found reflective light that made magic on this little angel.

We added a few friends to spice it up and it just so happened that they also were getting baptized this year so sharing with your cousins makes it lots more fun!


and to end the session after much dancing, twirling, skipping and fun we found this spot  (Thanks, To her Mom) , for a perfect end cap to a perfectly precious evening.

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