Not having met Reece before our photo shoot I wasn’t sure if she was going to  be adventurous enough to do a shoot in the rain with a baby chick beneath the mountainside next to a raging creek.  Well luckily for me, she was up for the adventure! After about 10 minutes she thought we […]

Our adventure to Salt Lake City Temple Square was cold but so fun! The clouds were threatening overhead but Ella’s spirit could brighten even my winter blues! She was so excited when I presented her with the floral crown.  Her brother named it The Snow Crown after he saw it in a photo sent […]

When life gives you Lemons, make lemonade

Why do our kids have to grow up?  They come to earth and are bathed in light and innocence and then the world creeps in and they mature and grow.  Such is life for everyone I guess but what would be so wrong to keep kids little for longer than they are? I ask myself […]