Reece meets Esmeralda

Not having met Reece before our photo shoot I wasn’t sure if she was going to  be adventurous

enough to do a shoot in the rain with a baby chick beneath the mountainside next to a raging creek.  Well luckily for me, she was up for the adventure!

After about 10 minutes she thought we were done and she said,

” We’re not done yet, right?”

When I informed her that there was still fun to be had  she was much relieved.

Experiencing nature is one of the best ways to find yourself.

Reece was lost in…..  meeting  Ms. Esmeralda Chick, playing in the rain with an umbrella

and the newly sprouted pansies. They all came  to welcome her to her 8 year old year.

What better symbols of baptism than a colorful budding flower, a newly hatched chick and a cleansing rain storm?

Perfect partners, I’d say.

I hope Reece remembers this experience on  that rainy afternoon in March.  I hope she remembers how she felt and

 how much she is loved.  The beauty that is found in each of us is reflected in the things we love and it wasn’t hard

for Reece to find love all around her on this magical afternoon.

I like to look for Rainbows whenever their is rain and ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again…………

Even though my  prayers for the rain to stop weren’t answered immediately, they were eventually

as it stopped raining about half way through so that we could get a few shots without needing 3-4 umbrellas.

They say when ever it’s going to rain grab your camera because adventure is out there waitingto happenand thankfully, Reece was ready!


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