Miss Ellie Martine Price

Ellie wasn’t sure if she wanted to play the game of reacting to our jumping jacks and coaxes for some expression.

It was much to our delight that not long after we started shooting Ellie’s  Dad came out and Ellie had the best reactions!

It made me so happy to see such emotion and delight in someone so young.

Photographing toddlers is something most photographers shy away from because they think they are hard.

Yes, they are but I love watching and waiting to be ready for any emotion or cute little movement

that they will surely come up with all on their own.

The lip pout is a favorite and she was not shy on giving it to me!!

The chubby clutching hand is always as sneaky shot.


 Eventually they will turn around to make sure you are still

there even though their first priority is to climb on that new chair that is just the right size!


                    What can I say about those adorable classics!

The Mary Jane!



Give them something to hold.  You’ll have a few moments of contemplation-

but only a milli-minute.  She threw these petals down almost as fast as I could turn

around and shoot!  But what a gorgeous moment with sun splashed on her lashes!!


But the photo I love the most is the ones with both of their hands.

What a precious memory she will have as she grows up.

She will never doubt  how much he loves her.

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