Mr. Beckham Kennedy

Why do our kids have to grow up?  They come to earth and are bathed in light and innocence and then the world creeps in and they mature and grow.  Such is life for everyone I guess but what would be so wrong to keep kids little for longer than they are?

I ask myself these questions all the time but I guess God’s plan in infinite and perfect and we don’t know why His plan is better for us.  Any time that I get to spend with children is sacred and special.  Ok,  most times at least as long as everyone is feeling well!     I feel as if I am standing on holy ground and that my spirit is nurtured.   I told Beck that when he looks at his photos I wanted him to remember that when he sees the sun on his hair or in his eyes or in the trees that he could remember the Holy Ghost is always with him and that all he has to do is remember who  He is .  We learn such simple and profound things from being around kids so go hug a kid today and tell them how special they really are.  I know that I will try to remember this when I see the light in others or in nature or a reflection in myself.  We just need to be aware and notice the many blessing the Lord has given us to remember.  Happy Baptism Day Beck and may you always remember how much you are loved and that God can speak to you if you are listening and looking for the light.





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