At Home…. a Babyfood Feast


I titled this post,  AT HOME……  These images of this darling baby bring back such memories of when I had cute chubby little ones.  I remember how stressful it was to time the nap,  meals, diapers and the doctor visits around trying to document photos.  At the time, I had a flash camera that you just pointed and BAM !  that flash blew out any skin tones or bright spots in the images.  Sometimes, I would put my finger on the view finder and when I would get my prints back, they would have a big thumbprint over the baby’s face.   I was very selective and only took photos on birthdays or mile stones and when they turned a month older I would go into Kiddie Candids and get my free 8×10.


How lucky are parents today!!!  I say very much they are!   Anyone can go and buy a digital DSLR and learn how to use it and take as many photos as they want not to mention just pull out the cell phone and upload to Instagram where your photos are saved forever!  Pretty cool!  Well, just like family photos, getting photos of your babies and kids just isn’t that easy for some people.  I love helping people capture these moments that are hard to find time for.  But as quickly as time flies it is so worth the efforts!! I thought many times how great it would be if I could just stay home and have someone come to me and do all the work!  The experience is one to be joyful.  If you know that one person who just doesn’t want to load up the car with the entire kitchen sink, then just pass my name along and I would be happy to let her see how easy it truly is!!    My trunk is loaded and ready to go!!!

I wrote a poem after my last baby was born when he was all chubby and squishy.

 Now he is tall and lean and will hardly let me hug him.

Little did I know that when I wrote it, that time would fly this fast

and I’d be here today at the end of the poem.


Baby food Feast

Kiss him here and bite him there

Kiss the baby everywhere

Taste this  cheeks and chew his ear

Knead his tummy and stroke some hair

Grab his toes,  a pinch of knee

Squeeze his wrist and taste to please

Fat little fingers dimpled chin,  How many rolls?

They do not end….

Cream and sugar, eat him up

Squeeze him tight to fill a cup

Toss him high into the air then watch for drool it’s everywhere

Not enough for me to eat

 Warm and luscious, chunky feet

Smile and laughter,  giggles too

A gulp, a burp of baby food

Sweeter than a pumpkin pie

He’s curious and  then he’s shy

Feast up him night and day

He’ll soon be done and on his way

Salt and Pepper him with love to spread the gift  from up above

Sip and store the memories sweet for he’ll  grow

up and will not keep.

p.s. notice the lovely flash marks in the windows!!!

  1. Allison Frazier says:

    Lisa, you do beautiful work. Thank you for your atttention to detail.

  2. Malachite says:

    Love your yummy baby feast poem!

  3. Melanie says:

    Love your yummy baby feast poem!

  4. Heather says:

    I love the way you describe the importance of those baby pictures, and even though I could go buy a camera, I don’t have time to learn! I can’t wait to have my own children for you to take pictures of, we’re going to have photoshoots ALL THE TIME! You’re amazing.

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