Utah Outdoor Family Photo Session- You know that person……

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You know that person who wants outdoor family photos and secretly looks at Pinterest and wishes to have sunlit, color perfect, genuinely happy family photos.  Ok, not all photos on Pinterest are worth being there but this same person longs to capture those moments that only she sees in split second moments throughout any given day.  She longs to see the crooked toothless smile or the chubby dirty hand or just a good old belly busting laugh.  Time is flying by.   These are things that she cherishes.  They will be gone too soon.

You know that person who struggles to dress herself let alone her family.  She is lucky if the kids have a pair of pants on and heaven knows it’s a good day if one has even a ponytail sprouting.  She sees herself in a beautiful dress that’s flattering and comfortable.  But, that’s about all the energy she has for wishful thinking.  “Maybe the kids could just wear the matching reunion t shirts that grandma bought last summer. Hmmm.  Where did I put those?”

You know that person who scheduled a family photo shoot  to get a few photos of the family as  it hasn’t happened since the wedding day but after the first shot  he runs home and shuts the door. His kids get school pictures so why would they need a photo with him in it.



You know that person who hates having their photo taken let alone being in a family photo.  No matter what she wears it makes her look bigger than she really is and no matter where she looks she is not ready and she is stuck in a pose somewhere between pain and uncomfortable.  She remembers how she hated her school photos.  The anxieties return, and she is 15 all over again.  You know him too.

You know that person who is scared and tired and just not able to make the decisions it takes to have the kind of photos she wants.  She has enough decisions to make and photos of her family seem to get pushed further and further back on the road to Pinterest!

You know that family out there who show up Pinterest ready, no problems, no challenge, no big deal to get 5 kids decked out in… not matchy but coordinating designer clothing.  (Ha, it may look that way but there is never smooth sailing)  With excitement the photographer sees them coming and praises  “Hallelujah!”   Well, honey, I am here to serve her too.  Every family is important to me.    I have worn all those shoes. ( except maybe not the Louis  Vittons) I can help step by step  along the way in every aspect from location, clothing, posing, fun and making memories which is the most important thing.

You know that person, don’t you?  Tell her she can have the photos she’s always wanted.


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