Snowbasin Winter Formals- Ambree and Justin

As I was nearing Snow basin snowbasinweddings  to meet this darling couple, I was just hoping to find a parking spot!  The winter carnival happened to be on this same day and I was expecting crowds and people to be everywhere.  Because I had planned this shoot at golden hour, luckily some of the people had left the parking lot and we found a spot right next to the trail head.   Yay!  I waved to them across the parking lot as who else would be in  wedding  attire at a ski resort?   I took a breath, breathed and watched them approach as I thought…” perfect.”

He took her hand and they walked away, alone in their thoughts. Those few moments between my instructions and them getting to the spot I chose was magical.     He took the gorgeous flowers Dancing Daisy Floral from her and whispered something sweet into her ear. Her face lit up like the sun.  I waited to give directions to them.  I did not want to break the spell.  It was so sweet to see how much he cared for her.  He wanted to keep her warm. He was concerned with her hair being in the right place. He had her full attention.  The all white atmosphere made for a magical serene calmness. It matched their togetherness. Everything was in balance.  Love surrounded the stillness of the aspens and pine trees.

They shared with me briefly how they met and from the looks of things, I would not have guessed they met so long ago.      “Justin and I met about 11 years ago when he moved into my neighborhood.  We always had a thing for each other but neither of us wanted to date each other.   After minimal contact over the next 4 years we finally reconnected in April 2017.  After a short 5 months we were married.”


Ambree and Justin, thank you for letting me be a small part of your love story.  The mountains were majestic. The trees were stunning and the atmosphere magical but none of that compared to the way he made you laugh. How he held you. The way your eyes lit up brighter than the snow when he caught your gaze.  This kind of connection is more beautiful and more contagious than any location, bouquet or formal wedding attire!  This kind of spark comes from within and can be felt by all those who are lucky enough to know you both.  You are so blessed to have found laughter, love and  JOY!   This is why you were the perfect couple for me and for each other.       




  1. Betsy Borden says:

    I love this back story so much!! This couple makes my flowers look so good! I love the contrast of the purple against the white snow!

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