Ella’s Snow Crown

Our adventure to Salt Lake City Temple Square was cold but so fun!

The clouds were threatening overhead but Ella’s spirit could brighten even my winter blues!

She was so excited when I presented her with the floral crown.  Her brother named it

The Snow Crown  www.dancingdaisiesfloral.com

after he saw it in a photo sent to him and Dad waiting at home.

I think he might have been just as excited as Ella was.

Having the square pretty much all to ourselves was awesome

and it could not have been more perfect for a Baptismal Photo shoot.




Ella loves winter and she loves to skip and dance so this shot came naturally as her joy shows through in her movement and smile!


I asked her mom is she had anything in mind and she told me that Ella loved two things the most-

The Temple and the Christus.

That’s pretty easy I thought.

I hadn’t taken in to account how big the temple is in comparison to this little eight year

old but we seemed to manage to squeeze them

together since I had brougt a few lenses with me just in case.

I chose this photos for the blog because I had about 8 other

that were all very similar with her smiling at me into my lens

but then I noticed she was getting stiff and uncomfortable and

so I asked her to just look at her mom and I loved the next 4 expressions

so much because they were genuinely blooming because she looked at her mom. How sweet!!!

I chose this photos because it shows how tender and shy this sweet little princess is.

It’s a fun contrast to her skipping and grinning!

The next photo I stole as she was looking out the window at something interesting.

I’m not sure what it was but I loved that she was engaged in something that we could not see.

I had been taking a light meter reading and turned around and found her at the window.

She must be drawn to light like I am!  Or Adventure! Then I saved the best for last.

The last place we went was to see the Christus in the visitor center.

It was a sweet experience that I won’t soon forget.

We seek for light. He is the light. He is in Ella!

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