The Sun and Serotonin

When I was younger all I did was ride my bike in the sun. I felt great!

As I have grown older and I ride less,

I have forgtten how much I like it and how good it makes me feel.

Just riding around a beach city for 3 days with

nothing but a bike and a backpack was so good for me.  I could do it everyday.

Winter time is hard for some.  I’m one of those some ones. That’s why I have to plan a sunny

get away in the Winter even though this time, Sand Diego was not very sunny. 

Even though I have had years of practice not falling

into the winter blues, it still happens, it still is oppressive and it still overtakes me when I least expect it.

Knowing that I have a medical condition with low serotonin helps a bit to know

it’s not my fault and helps me to try things that I might do to help myself. 

Mabye  you are one of those someones.  Maybe you don’t know about low serotonin.

Maybe you love the Sun and you don’t really know why it makes you feel good.

Maybe you would like to know a few things that increase

serotonin naturally without taking anti depressants.  Well, here are a few…..

  • 1.  Exercise
  • 2. Writing down things your grateful for
  • 3. Take 5- HTP to increase moods
  • 4. Take B Vitamins to calm the brain
  • 5. Follow the Light….. then sit in it! 
  • 6. Find a hobby
  • 7. Skin to skin contact
  • 8. See or learn something new
  • 9. Smell Bergamot, Lavendar and Lemon
  • 10. Spend time in Nature

The Color Green seems to lift my moods in Winter.  I bring small plants indoors so I can watch the sun catch them. 

Simple things can bring such joy if we stop to look for them.  Doing something with a friend always increases happiness.

Eating outdoors or in a patio where the sun is shining can lift and brighten moods instantly.

Bring color in and place it where you can see it often and remind you of spring.

Take a ceramics class or make something whimsical to cheer you up. 

Walk the dog or your neighbors and you will be happy just seeing how happy the little guy is. 

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