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Do you know how to find a family  photographer?     This past year, I have had 4-5 people come to me and say how much they love my family photography.  Then they say, ” I wish that we had called you, but my husband wanted to save money.  He has a friend who owns a nice camera and so he wanted to use him etc etc etc”    Well as things go today, this is how it is.  Another story is from a mother.  She had everything ready to get a family photo at her sons wedding but when she got the photos back they were unflattering in every way and were so bad that she couldn’t even print the photos or post them.   Trading photos for other services just to save money in the end is more heartache because you can’t go back and take those photos over again in those moments.  I had another young mother tell me that she didn’t like her kids photos because there were pieces of grass in front of their faces and sun highlights on their skins and because they were facing the sun everyone was squinting etc etc etc.


It’s sad, in a way, that people value low cost (and free) over quality but that is just how our society has gone in many professions.

Just like the time my friend tried doing her own wedding flowers not knowing that the certain flower the bride picked out had to

be in water and not in a vase with styro-foam and  then they all died before the reception.  In the end, going with the people who know

what they are doing is probably a good idea and you don’t really save money if you have to have them redone.



So, What things to do you want to look for when finding a florist?

Ask your friends and family who they would recommend.

Here is what I recommend when choosing someone to capture your family portraits:

  1.   Does the photographer have skills in making sure everyone in the photos looks their best?  Especially women?
  2.   Does the photographer know how to handle full sun, shaded and even light outdoors?
  3.   Does the photographer know how to manage children and have tricks to get them to do what is needed?
  4.   Does the photographer have experience over many years so that all cenarios and situations aren’t a  bother?
  5.   Does the photographer shoot correctly ( exposure)  and edit minimally so that the turn around time is less than a week?
  6.   Does the photographer value her time and art such that charging the right price is fair and within market value?
  7.   Does the photographer spend time in advance planning and helping you decide what to wear, where to shoot and what to do as a backup?
  8.   Does your photographer stay up late at night because of excitement in wanting to look through all your photos before bed?
  9.   Does the photographer look for clothing options for all ages in case you can’t afford to buy new clothes but still want to be put together?
  10.   Does the photographer keep costs down as much as possible so that the savings can be passed along to you.
  11.   Does the photographer know principles of art as well as how to read the light and know that white balance exists!!

I’m only going to give you one more because I could go on and on and on.

  I know that the general public doesn’t care as much  about quality as price


I know  there are  people  who are looking for someone like me

who is affordable and gives them  the photos they will  love

along with  the experience of an enjoyable and even a treasured family memory.


12.   Does the photographer take photos  that make you feel  joyful, relaxed  and gorgeous?  

If you know someone who is in the market for family, children or wedding photos please pass along my info

and make sure your friends and family are educated on what they need to look for to have a

great experience that they will be glad to pay for.


  1. Betsy Borden says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this piece! So many times I’ve not booked a wedding because budget was the driving decision maker! I understand money is important- I do! But what do I do fo you that others won’t? What do I include as part of my service? Are people willing to pay for my knowledge, my artistry, and my skill? It makes it worth it in the end!!
    Betsy Borden
    Dancing Daisies Floral

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