Plan, Adjust, Believe

Life is kind of like planning a photo shoot.  You don’t really know what it is going to be like.  You have no idea  how the people will react to you behind the camera.  I hope to have moments of connection and joy but sometimes the unexpected outcomes.  I stay up the night before thinking and planning and worrying about if all will go as I want it to.   Since, I didn’t have a phone number to call, we showed up at the Christmas tree lot.  We were hoping to go in and take some photos but soon found out that we had to pay a 100 fee to go inside.  At first I was disappointed but after I readjusted my thinking and ideas, I started to think of creative ways to make things work out.  Not only did they work out but I liked them even better than what I thought we would get shooting in  the Christmas trees.  Don’t get me wrong, It still would have been fun to go inside but I didn’t want to pay the extra money when I knew that I could create something more unique and unusual if I didn’t take the shots where everyone else was.


We stood by the car and took some fun moments of these two sisters.  I love the story telling of the background, the crutches and the secret they are sharing.  Then we decided to drive up the road and see what we could find.  Once we found a location and were out of the car, it was magical.  Cold yes, but oh, so beautiful.  The sun was setting behind a blanket of foggy clouds so the light was soft and warm.  The air was still.  Since no one was around the silence spoke to us in varied voices.  Tiny snowflakes dances around our faces.   The muted colored of the landscape were breath taking and the muddy slog of the tree farm soon was forgotten.

I realized that by finding our own beauty, the disappointments  turned into excitement and wonder.  I was  happy  that we had an alternative plan that turned out more lovely and authentic than what I had first planned.  I know its a simple metaphor for life but how many times do we get stuck on how we want things to be and it’s only when we can shift our thinking to the beauty of the situation can we find the joy.  I always pray before  a session to ask for help that I can see what I need to see and that I can capture joy for those who are in the photos.  If they can see joyful moments of themselves and their loved ones, then it doesn’t really matter what background or prop or location we end up it.  When we take God along on our journey we can always make beauty with his help.

If we had been in the tall dark pine trees, the light would have been dark, spotty and very close to the girls.  Since I always try to have great light, it only made sense that we not go into the tree lot but that we climb up to the where the light was bright and soft and warm.  Now that I look back, I know that I was guided to what was best for the situation and that once again, God shows his tender mercies to all of those who believe in Him.








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