Morgan Family

The Morgan  family was so fun to be with.  The grounds of the  International Peace Garden did not disappoint.  It reminded me of how much we all need to know that we have people who we belong to.  A place to be loved and cherished and respected.  Seeing the joy that comes by being with such people can solidify and bring to remembrance that one is not alone. 

These cousins will one day look back on this photo and remember the feelings they had and the delight of being together

These women will look back one day and see the strength that they were and are to one another.

The family will look back on this photo and remember what real commitment and love looks like and feel the security of a strong marriage relationship.

When a child knows that even one person in this worlds thinks that  “you hung the moon,”  what a difference it can make in the life of a child.

Fleeting moments of wee ones gone so soon remind us to cherish each and every day.


I don’t have one photo of me with my grandpa, except for the day I got married and then he died soon after that.  There is something so strong about an image like this that shows a bond between grandpa and grandson.

The love of a Grandpa and Grandma influence so many lives, touch so many hearts and heal so many wounds.  Being reminded of who loves you is a gift that will always be treasured.

These are the people who have your back, are the wind beneath your wings and the ones who will always be there no matter what. these are the bonds of Family.

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