Clay Family Fun 2018

I remember a few years ago when I met this cute family for the first time.  Their boys were very small and lively when we did our last photo shoot.  So, when I met up with them last night, I was surprised how big they had grown, how much they had changed, and how grown up they seemed to be.  As I explained to them what we were going to do, they listened and followed my directions perfectly!  What sweet little gentlemen they were.  I just adore their shy yet smart demeanor.  When I told them about my light reading meter, they all were curious.  Then later, when I asked them what I was holding in my hand, they all three repeated back to me what it was used for.  I was so impressed!!!  I feel so grateful that I am  able to watch this  family as they grow.  It was such a joy and the evening was beautiful, peaceful and lovely in our little spot of golden hour.  Marti did such a great job getting everyone ready and the colors were perfect for where I wanted to take them.  It’s amazing how wonderful things can happen when we work together to make it not a photo shoot but a fun family adventure that all will remember.  


I love this tight little family squeeze!!


I could just die over the cuteness in this photo!!


Everyone wants to be loved and adored like this!!  At least I do!


Is there anything more joyful than a mom playing with her boys?




OK, Maybe just holding them and breathing them in is a close second but who’s kidding right?, they don’t hold still that long.



I love an all boy photo.  Such brotherhood and stability to lean on.

  1. Elizabeth Robertson says:

    Lisa Ahhhhh I’m going to have to purchase every single pic. So so well done

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