The Barlow Bunch

Once again the family session captures my heart.  I think not only are the images so precious but for just a moment I get to relive or revisit how my life was just a few short years ago.  The last time we had a profession family portrait was back in 2004 when my baby was almost one.  He is now almost 15 years old and I can not believe where the time has gone.  It seems so short at the time but looking back it just seems like I snapped my fingers and poof, here I am in 2018!!   One of the things that stood out to me the most in the Barlow’s session was how much their boys loved each other.  They were just so sweet and so cute with each and and with me.  The best part of the entire night was when the middle son, Taylor came carrying his red Shoes.  He wanted to wear them in the photo.  Well, he just happen to ask the right person, because I love red shoes and so when I told him he could put them in my wagon and we would change half way through the session he was more than happy to oblige!!   Now scroll to the bottom and don’t you agree that the Red shoes, Rock!!!  I told his mom that we would wear red shoes if that is what would make him happy and I truly believe  it did.  When people are happy then their photos are going to look happy.  It’s just that simple!!


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