Pinappeles Lunch in Hilo


We took a day trip from Waikaloa to Hilo and then back to Kona. The diversity in the landscape was unreal.  We started in arid volcanic dessert to a grassland, then pine trees and goats, then rain, clouds and fog and on our way into Hilo a rainforest setting all within one hour.  We didn’t have much time so we googled lunch places in Hilo and I needed to find a bathroom ASAP, thanks DC.


We first drove into a farmers market next to Paul’s Place, I used the facility, perused the goods for sale in the open market and then we decided to go up the block to a restaurant called Pineapples.   They had great service, really tasty food and a a fun location.  I loved the location because every place I looked it had old town charm which I had missed staying in our huge resort.  This is the Hawaii I remembered from when I came to school here back in the 80s. The air was most and cool and you could assumed that it had just rained.  I think it probably rains every morning on Hilo.  We even pasted by an old phone book with a coke can and receiver in tack which made my day.


As we arrived and asked for a seat, the last one had just been taken so we waited for about 15 minutes until they could seat us inside.  There were no windows or doors but open air and a fun breezy atmosphere.  We could see and hear the cars going by, and people on the street and the bustle of the servers and patrons but it felt so good.  I was easily entertained as we waited for our chicken marsala and dinner salad by taking phots, people watching and visiting with my cute hubby.  We had a great host who was very attentive to our needs and our server was a local native from just up the road from a small town. She was perfect.  I love talking to people that live and work in places that I don’t.  We finished the meal off with chocolate filled raspberry cake dome which was delightful.   I would eat here again for sure.






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