Manning Orchards -Davis County Photographer-

I had a blast with these two love birds, Brooke and Trevor in the Orchard this past weekend.    I had never met them before but felt right at home with them ( that’s why I love friend referrals)     They were so fun  because everything that I coached them to do….. BAM!  they were Rockstars!  Ya, I  know,  that’s not so hard when you are in love but sometimes people have a hard time focusing. These two  were on my wavelengths the whole time!! Just for the record, I had this entire shoot done in almost 30 minutes but we were having so much fun and the sun was almost perfect so we stayed and played a bit longer in the magic.  Once again, the Orchard was deserted and so I was pretty happy!!

I had this sneaky feeling that someone thought they were not photogenic or that they didn’t take good pictures.  When this happens, its an extra bonus for  me to show them the photos that we take!!  I am always amazed at what happens when some see themselves in beautiful light, with the the people they love. Magic happens.  This combination is how those we love really see us.  This is how the beauty that we  carry inside just spills its way out for all to see.  It think it’s been called, Spontaneous Joy!  I love that Brook brought her best friend to help out.  She was the key the the other magical things that made these photos amazing.

I was so  grateful that Brooke brought florals that were so lovely.  Thank you so much for doing everything right!!! Because you did, you will  never be disappointed with your photos and you will look back and remember the feelings of joy as you grow in your love together.

I love the brief  story of how they met….

“Trevor and I worked at the MTC Cafeteria in Prove, Utah and I distinctly remember first meeting him while we were taking out the trash. Very romantic. It wasn’t love at first site. We were friends for 10 months before our first date. ( way to go Trevor) But the timing of it all was perfect.”

Trevor must have told her a joke that day taking the trash out because I noticed that they could not stop laughing, joking and having fun.  It helped me to remember when I was that age and my boyfriend would make me laugh.  I want to be back there again in my mind.  I want to find that kind of joy in him again.  I loved this opportunity because it reminds me of what I want to be.






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