Manning Orchard Formals- Fruit Heights -Alyce and Josh

No these two are not married yet they just look like it as happy as they are.  They were so fun to have in Manning Orchards.  Once again the people all left with as golden hour was just beginning and so we had the entire Orchards mostly to ourselves.  They could not stop laughing and had a hard time being serious which was OK by me.  It so fun to get to meet new couples and hear of how they met.  It really is a miraculous process that once you look back you can either see coincidences or the hand of God.  I like to see the hand of God!

This is how they met….. ” We met in our YSA ward in Holladay. One day I decided to go to FHE and BAM!

Who should I see but this super cute boy! We didn’t actually talk…

But, then we went to a Chinese New Year activity and started getting to know each other.  And here we are a year later.

I would love to hear Josh’s interpretation of the above account.

I love this story because my son and his wife met in the YSA ward at an FHE activity only it was at a Chinese Restaurant


So, the date is set, the colors are picked the photos are taken, even though I’m still culling through them and soon they will be MR. and MRs. Ellis!

I am so happy an honored to have been a small part of showing their love and introducing them to all of you.

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