Mills Family Adventure


The moments in our lives between the moments are where life really lies.  The looks, the touch the smiles, the thoughts that otherwise would be missed.  I love seeing beyond the photo and what lies there.  Emotions of all kinds appear there,  not just the stale “look at me and smile”  moments.    You can’t see that when you’re in life so it’s important to look at it from the perspective of an outsider as if you were the outsider yourself.

I ask myself every week “why” am I still doing family photos but at the end of the day, I realize each time that somebody has got to do it!  It’s too sacred, important and lasting to leave it undone or to turn down a request!  So, this weekend was pretty full of all the craziness.

This family with two little boys were just as challenging and delightful as most boys are.  It takes much effort but worth it in the end when someday these young boys will see the joy and how much they were loved.

Knowing your Dad was there is very important even if you don’t remember much.  Photos can bring back emotions that we never knew we had and can reconnect us with the things that are important.

Having fun while documenting family memories is so important to me as I want the memory of family photo time to be one of great feelings and fun adventures.  When  the photos are viewed later, all those emotions and feelings come back to strengthen your soul.  And boys must have rocks and sticks!!

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