The Adams Family

What a great family to be sharing the evening with.  It’s hard to find places that have shade and sun in the right combination.   Whatever the weather, or moments or issues that come up we seem to find balance in the chaos and composition by just being together in the same place for a few moments.  I love how the Adams family worked together, were kind and happy ( at least most) even though chaos happens they made the best of making memories, which isn’t easy with seven children!  and a need for a potty break!


Crazy Family photos leave us with fun family memories

I need to figure out a way to do an extended family photo for introverts and highly sensitive people like me!

There is always a trick to getting little boys on your side but once they are on your

side and you can understand what they are thinking things usually turn out.

I am so o.k. with personality in family photos as it show

authenticity and the real nature of of humanity.

Children are nature born composers and nature lovers.  What kids do naturally is art

and making them conform to an idea of perfection is missing the point

because children are perfect in their innocence making them the perfect subject.

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