Wheeler Family

I love photographing Artists!  Here’s why.  They appreciate composition, color, movement, light and the list goes on.   Taking the Wheeler family photos on a regular basis has been one of the greatest blessings.

Not only do I love their faces but watching these kids grown over time is such a sweet journey.  Little Edie was just a preschooler with her Doggie when I first did a session and it’s still one of my favorites.   She was so  natural and confident behind the camera.  As I have thought about this session I realized that as we grow we become more aware of the world around us and when we are kids we only see the beauty and we don’t care about all the things we cant see.   Children are natural composers and models because they don’t have those perceived ideas of what the world wants them to be.   The things I love most about this family is that they aren’t afraid to be themselves.


 “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have a photo like this with my two girls and it’s one of my favorite photos.

We are on a beach and not in the sunflowers but that doesn’t really matter as the people in the photo.

I love love love the composition, expressions and artistry that Candid photos bring from being with the people  you love.

 Love is the perfect Art.

See how Edie just naturally composes the flower to a ” golden means” location in

the composition triangle of the group?

I just about died when I saw that.

Oh, my I love her so much.

Then, there is the father, daughter combination!!  OH, how I love this.

I think I love it because for years I have watched Eric go for  walks, drive and

spend time with his daughters.

 Little do they now what a precious gift that is.

When a girl knows she is numero uno with Dad the world is a much kinder place.

Sweet Sam, I have watch grow up since I had in him in Scouts and before.

What a sweet, tender and thoughtful young man he is.

This is a rare find in today’s culture where young men are often quite the opposite.

What a great example he is to all the people he associates with.

Not everyone gets a brother and a sister so these kids are extra lucky to have that.

  Besides having a super kind Mom and Dad, they get to have the association of being a

brother and a sister which is so awesome.

Siblings are the only people who know you the best.

They say that no matter how old you become, when you are with your siblings, you revert back to childhood.”

And what a great place to be!

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