I was so happy that Jessie and Chad wanted to have their photos taken in the orchard.  I love this time of year.  It was so fun to see how genuine they were about being together. They have known each other since high school, just like me and my hubby!  Its so fun that even […]

Ellie wasn’t sure if she wanted to play the game of reacting to our jumping jacks and coaxes for some expression. It was much to our delight that not long after we started shooting Ellie’s  Dad came out and Ellie had the best reactions! It made me so happy to see such emotion and delight […]

Not having met Reece before our photo shoot I wasn’t sure if she was going to  be adventurous enough to do a shoot in the rain with a baby chick beneath the mountainside next to a raging creek.  Well luckily for me, she was up for the adventure! After about 10 minutes she thought we […]

Some might think March is not a good month for photos because there is no snow, trees, or flowers but I’d say it’s perfect to be out on the Island. https://utah.com/antelope-island-state-park  Not only did we have the Island pretty much to ourselves but the other bonus was NO BUGS!! The light was strong but slowly […]

Once again I was able to shoot at cactusandtropicals  in Salt Lake City.  I love being inside the green house in the winter when it’s so cold outside! These are just a few of my favorite photos of Sophie and Mike.  They met while waiting to board the same plane to SLC from Boston!  Isn’t […]

Our adventure to Salt Lake City Temple Square was cold but so fun! The clouds were threatening overhead but Ella’s spirit could brighten even my winter blues! She was so excited when I presented her with the floral crown.  Her brother named it The Snow Crown  www.dancingdaisiesfloral.com after he saw it in a photo sent […]

When I was younger all I did was ride my bike in the sun. I felt great! As I have grown older and I ride less, I have forgtten how much I like it and how good it makes me feel. Just riding around a beach city for 3 days with nothing but a bike […]

Not quite sure what to look for when needing a photographer for your family? I have a few ideas that might come in handy.

Life is kind of like planning a photo shoot.  You don’t really know what it is going to be like.  You have no idea  how the people will react to you behind the camera.  I hope to have moments of connection and joy but sometimes the unexpected outcomes.  I stay up the night before thinking […]

Have you ever tried something new?  Did is feel kind of scary?  I like knowing what is coming and being out of my comfort zone keeps me up at night.    However, this location for the Baker Family photo shoot was not a place I had been before.  It was during the middle of the […]