Hi, It’s me and this is  bitty. I’m not sure yet what I am supposed to do with her  but Mom says I have to share my chair so here we are! Mosty the bitty sleeps and eats and sleeps some more. Maybe someday she will be able to ride bikes with me. But for […]

I love photographing Artists!  Here’s why.  They appreciate composition, color, movement, light and the list goes on.   Taking the Wheeler family photos on a regular basis has been one of the greatest blessings. Not only do I love their faces but watching these kids grown over time is such a sweet journey.  Little Edie was […]

What a great family to be sharing the evening with.  It’s hard to find places that have shade and sun in the right combination.   Whatever the weather, or moments or issues that come up we seem to find balance in the chaos and composition by just being together in the same place for a few […]

  The moments in our lives between the moments are where life really lies.  The looks, the touch the smiles, the thoughts that otherwise would be missed.  I love seeing beyond the photo and what lies there.  Emotions of all kinds appear there,  not just the stale “look at me and smile”  moments.    You […]

      How I wish I could have stayed home after having a baby and not had to drag the entire kitchen sink to the mall to get newborn photos. I love when I get the chance to shoot inside someone home because the photos are more authentic and full of emotion.  Its a […]

I just happen to be at the  Canyon-Gallery and was talking with the adorable woman who met me at the door.  We became fast friends and she was so helpful in mounting a family photo from a precious session.     She told me that in her job she has the opportunity to see many family […]

When missionaries come home and leave home all in the same summer it does a number on the mom.  I’m not sure about the dad, but having gone through this myself and then also with a daughter, I can be sure that the emotions are high.  I love this photo and how Lisa is looking […]

I love when people have their own ideas about what they want to do and then we make it work.  Riley and Jim were the sweetest couple. We took photos in their apartment and not knowing ahead of time what the light was going to be like, I came prepared for whatever we needed.  Luckily […]

Nobody does reunion like the Nelson Family.  They are great examples of getting together!  I could not believe that one of the families of six was waiting for me at the destination!  I’m usually the first one there but they beat me to it.  I was so impressed I added extra photos of their family […]

What do you get when you have two little nephews, ( one holding a stick) a silly brother and his wife, three barking dogs,  three adult children mixed in with a gorgeous couple, then put them all together next to a raging river that is roaring so load  you can’t hear anyone talk?………….. That’s right, […]