Not quite sure what to look for when needing a photographer for your family? I have a few ideas that might come in handy.

Life is kind of like planning a photo shoot.  You don’t really know what it is going to be like.  You have no idea  how the people will react to you behind the camera.  I hope to have moments of connection and joy but sometimes the unexpected outcomes.  I stay up the night before thinking […]

Have you ever tried something new?  Did is feel kind of scary?  I like knowing what is coming and being out of my comfort zone keeps me up at night.    However, this location for the Baker Family photo shoot was not a place I had been before.  It was during the middle of the […]

        I have been so bad at blogging my sessions but I guess that is what January is for.   It was a cold morning but you can’t tell from the way this family was having fun together.  Its funny how when we laugh time seems to stand still and life is right […]

Once again the family session captures my heart.  I think not only are the images so precious but for just a moment I get to relive or revisit how my life was just a few short years ago.  The last time we had a profession family portrait was back in 2004 when my baby was […]

I remember a few years ago when I met this cute family for the first time.  Their boys were very small and lively when we did our last photo shoot.  So, when I met up with them last night, I was surprised how big they had grown, how much they had changed, and how grown […]

The Morgan  family was so fun to be with.  The grounds of the  International Peace Garden did not disappoint.  It reminded me of how much we all need to know that we have people who we belong to.  A place to be loved and cherished and respected.  Seeing the joy that comes by being with […]

I’m can’t tell you how funCandid family photos are!  Did I also mention how hard they are.  Its like calling an audible in a football game.  I just never know what is going to happen.  Tonight we dealth with sprinklers coming on, 100 degree temps and distractions of every kind yet we still end up […]

Family photos are everyones favorite, right?  hahah No one really looks forward to them. The kids fall asleep in the car, Dad gets lost,  kids get their new clothes all dirty and put rocks in their mouth,  someone cries because they don’t want to wake up, the dog just pooped and there aren’t enough hands […]

I had such a good time in Manning Orchard with Katie and Skyler that I couldn’t even sleep last night. The colors in in the orchard were so pretty and then you add the golden light, blossoms and Katie’s hair and it’s just hard to maintain!! I took photo for them a few  years ago […]